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I, being a Canadian, have decided to detail the HUGE differences between what we the people get as Canadian citizens & what the American people receive as citizens.

While I was never really anti American having grown up there until the age of 14, I never really wanted to go back either because it is such a violent country that has an extreme right wing religious population, but recently since around 2006, I started to realize all the HUGE differences between the 2 countries & how the United States of America is a way better country to live in. For a few reason, I started to become more & more jaded about living in Canada.

Not that I’m dying to move to the States where criminals run amuck and the police and government go around trying to control every single thing their citizens do, but I was shocked at how apparent it was that the States clearly cares more for its citizens on some very basic levels.

Maybe it’s the citizens themselves. Maybe they have demanded these rights, while Canadians do what they always do, sit passively by doing nothing but complaining about things to their friends or family.

I will be fair & address all the pros of living in Canada, but compared to to what Americans get, it’s like next to near nothing.

I am not doing this to start a debate nor am I trying to antagonize Canadians. Rather, I feel Canadians have to start growing a backbone and start demanding rights most don’t even know they don’t have.

I don’t believe in this nonsense that Canadians are considered the “nice” country. How nice can you possibly be when the citizens are struggling, and the Canadian government doesn’t care, but then again, if no one sticks up for what they want, then of course the government isn’t going to do anything about it.

Canadians seem to be very naive, or they just wish to bury their heads in the sand & ignore their reality. Another thing is that Canadians don’t like being compared to Americans. Maybe that is why they don’t stick up for themselves, they figure that’s the American’s job.

Some say Canada is too small a country, and once again I believe that’s BS. What does size have to do with having programs and rights in place for one’s citizens? If you have less citizens, you have fewer costs to manage the country. Right?

If this was just one difference, fine, I wouldn’t have bothered to invest money & time in this site, but it’s not just one difference as you will soon see.

So I hope one day Canada and her citizens decide to step up to the plate & start acting like they are worthy of a better life.

While I’m not here to promote violence by any stretch (don’t believe in it), nor do I feel we have to be filled with rage and anger, I feel sitting by and doing nothing, or not even acknowledging there are problems is just living in denial, and that’s not who I am as a person.

Wishing everyone and their country all the best!


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